6 Reasons Why Psychology Is Your Secret Weapon

Are you a student of psychology? An undergraduate psychology major, perhaps, or a graduate student? If so, I think you have some strengths that you may not even recognize. As you go out into the world looking for a job, or just living your life, your training in psychology will be your secret weapon. Even if you are just an informal student of psychology – someone who reads blog posts and articles and books, for example, without pursuing a formal degree – you may reap some of the same benefits from what you are learning about psychology.

#1 Reason Why Psychology Is Your Secret Weapon: People Love It

The most important reason why psychology is your secret weapon is because people love it. They are fascinated by the latest research. They crave new and deeper understandings of the people around them and, of course, themselves.

If you want to get an idea of what people want to know about, what they will spend their time learning even when they don’t have to as part of any course requirement or work obligation, look at the TED talks that they watch. TED talks, you probably know, can be about anything at all. Within the academic disciplines, they cover everything from anthropology and architecture and astronomy in the As to zoology in the Zs.

Let’s take a look at the current list of the 25 most popular TED talks of all time to see how many of them are about psychology. Each of the 25 talks has been viewed millions of times.

The #1 TED talk, the most popular one of…

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