An Overview Of Crystal Reports Bursting By Email

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Want to categorize your Crystal Reports and send them to unique email addresses? Whether or not invoices should be sent to customers, or sales reports got to be delivered to sales people, there a couple of ways you can do crystal reports bursting by email.

Although there are various methods of Crystal Report invoice delivery or bursting, 3 methods come in our mind. If you’re deploying these reports in PDF, you’ll use a PDF tool to categorize your report once it’s been run, and deliver unique PDFs to an email address. Another technique is the bursting feature found in Crystal Reports schedulers. Finally there’s the Data Driven publishing technique.

Utilizing a PDF tool, you can categorize the crystal reports into unique files, and send the reports to email addresses. In your Crystal Report, every unique report should have its own page in the report. On the report footer or header, a unique email address, or addresses have to be placed. Thus, when the report is generated, every report page can have its own email address displayed. Utilizing the PDF tool, you can categorize the report into separate pages utilizing the displayed email address. The Crystal Report invoice delivery will then be done via email employing a smartly written batch file. There are some major problems with this method anyhow. There’s no error in tracking and handling. Displaying an email address in a peculiar situation will not make the report look atheistically impressive. Although this can be the least expensive technique, its scattered nature will end up costing the business much when it comes to headaches.

If you’re employing a Crystal Reports Scheduler or batch invoicing methods, you’ll use their native bursting capabilities to categorize the Crystal Report and deliver it to unique email addresses. Your Crystal Report should have its unique values listed in “Group Header 1” of your Crystal report. Utilizing this location, the scheduler can burst crystal reports into separate files in any format you want. Utilizing fields found in your Crystal Reports, The report is then mechanically sent through email to the specified users.

Furthermore, the individual groups are often sent to a wide range of destinations like a FTP site or SharePoint. This method is much more enticing as it is handled in a single application. Also, various scheduling tools have comprehensive auditing and tracking options to make sure that reports are running properly. You may require some changes in these reports to accommodate this type of Crystal Report bursting.

The final technique is Crystal Report invoice delivery. Rather than utilizing information in your report or your report to figure out how the report will be deployed, it utilizes information from your database. Formatting, destination, recipient and much more can all be automated by just indicating that in the database.

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