Beautiful Artificial Coral And Reefs For Decorating Your Aquariums

Dory and Nemo like Corals. All fishes like corals in general. It is their home, their protector, and their provider. You can find the healthiest marine biodiversity in coral reefs.

Buying artificial coral and reefs can simulate your pets natural environment. You can purchase them online at Living Color Aquariums at a 25% discount.

Here are five benefits you can have for getting an artificial coral reef.

1. It makes your aquarium appealing and natural

Well placed coral reefs and artificial plants are stunning. It is pleasing to the eye and relaxes the soul. Living color carries almost 100 different kinds of coral. It ranges from Anemones to colorful brain corals. You can check out their website for pricing and discounts.

They can also help design custom reefs for a stunning visual exhibit.

artificial coral

2. Artificial Corals require very little maintenance

Polyurethane corals are safe and odorless. They can be gently washed or brushed. It does not require a lot of cleaning and does not decay.

They can also be removed from the water while being cleaned. Live corals are sensitive and must remain underwater at all times.

They come in many different colorways not available for live corals. Synthetic reef ecosystem can be periodically rearranged without damaging the inserts.

3. They are budget friendly.

Artificial coral reefs are cheaper compared to real or live corals. They can work together with real corals if you can’t afford to completely fill your aquarium with live ones.

Living Color offers packages for acrylic aquariums, water filtration, and artificial reefs. The corals reef inserts are perfect for residential and public display.

4. Synthetic corals are durable.

Artificial corals are not affected by the aggressive behavior of aquatic life. They are designed to withstand artificial currents and soft brushing. They reflect ambient and artificial lighting better than live corals. They are not sensitive to nitrates and phosphates that live coral consider as toxins.

They do not require consistent water current that live corals need for growth.

5. They do not need food.

Coral feed is surprisingly more expensive than fish food. Dried artificial coral food is difficult to find except in niche hobby shops.

The same can be said for natural food such as phytoplankton, krill, and pieces of shrimp, squid, or clams. Preparations of natural food for live coral are tedious and time-consuming. Different corals also have different diet preferences. The water currents also make it difficult to properly feed the correct amount of food.

Coral on sale

Living Color Aquariums is a custom a builder of artificial coral reef exhibits. They can build different aquatic themes such as Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins Ballpark.

They build extensive life support systems for live seawater aquariums and custom built synthetic ones. Their water feature designs are appealing and customizable.

Their artificial corals are used to fabricate different acrylic aquariums in public, commercial, and residential locations. It is even used on Yachts. You can request a quote for custom fabricated aquariums that suit your taste and budget.

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