Drawing A Rose, Step By Step

A Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. So the drawings of the roses are. If you want to know how to draw a rose step by step then I am here to help you. Drawing is fun. But it takes a lot of practices and time to be good at. But there are some techniques of how to draw a rose step by step which will help you to improve your drawing. So, are you ready? We are starting.

One of the best things about drawing a rose is that you don’t have to maintain the exact proportions. If you draw a petal too small or too big, who will know? But you have to observe the rose very carefully. You can observe a real rose or use a picture of a rose for this purpose.

How to Draw a Rose Step by Step- Get your pencil, paper and other drawing tools and start drawing. Start drawing from the center of the rose and draw outwards. Draw the innermost petals first and then go for the outward petals. Start your drawing from the center of your paper otherwise later you may face lack of space as you are drawing outwards.

At a time draw just one petal. Build the relationship of the petals with your drawing. Draw just the outline of the petals with light lines. It will be easier to erase at this stage. Don’t bother with exactness. You will do the shading later on.

Start shading to make the rose look realistic. You can shade the rose in two ways-from dark to light or from light to dark. This will help you to maintain your consistency of drawing.

You can use tortillion to blend your drawing to make it more realistic. Tortillion is basically a tightly rolled paper which is soft and sharp at one end.

Draw the stem of the rose with two lines and draw one or two leaves. This will make the rose more realistic. Add the thorns which will differentiate this from tulip.

Erase the outer edges of the outlines of roses. Add colors to the sketched rose if you desire.

You have drawn a beautiful rose!

Hope you have understood the tips of how to draw a rose step by step. A lot of practices and time is needed to draw perfectly. You can apply these guidelines on how to draw a rose step by step to draw other flowers and start to develop your own drawing style.

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