General Information On Abstract Watercolor Painting

By Andrea Davidson

Abstract watercolor painting involves mixing together the watercolor medium with abstract art. This kind of art is not designed to represent that which is recognizable in the external and real world. Instead, it strives to achieve its own visual language through use of shapes, colors, forms and textures. Watercolor is a style of painting that results in a luminous and transparent appearance because pigments are laid down in their pure form with vary little fillers that obscure.

The materials that are employed for this kind of work are not very costly. Paper that works with watercolors, paints, paintbrushes, and time are the main things needed to create these pieces. Like most artwork, there is some amount of time and thought that goes into it. Many levels and types of artists do abstract painting with watercolors, from students just getting started or seasoned artists who have done numerous pieces of this style.

One common assumption that people have regarding this work is that anything will go. This is mostly true when speaking on any kind of art, but there are still some methods and techniques that can be taught and learned. Visually, there are numerous components that may be found in these pieces, including pattern, form, color, shape, texture and line.

Abstract is a term that is generally used to signify the removal of reality from the imagery. It can be partial, complete or slight removal, depending on the preference…

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