How Is The Birth Control Pill Affecting Your Mental Health?

Of all the birth control measures available, the ‘pill’ is most commonly used. In fact, about a 100 million women worldwide use the contraceptive pill. Otherwise known as an oral contraceptive, the birth control pill is a relatively easy method of controlling unwanted pregnancies. The pill has caught media attention over the last decade owing to many ethical and medical reasons.

How Does The Pill Work?

Here’s how the contraceptive functions. It affects hormones by slowing down or halting the ovulation process, thereby inhibiting the release of female egg or ovum into the uterus. In other instances, certain combined pills cause the thinning of the uterus walls or thickening of the cervical muscles. And while this method of oral contraception is effective 99% of the time, it doesn’t come without its share of pitfalls.

How Does This Affect Your Mental Health?

It starts with mood swings and can range up to severe depression. According to Dr. Prudence Hall of the Hall Center in Santa Monica, women experience a range of emotions from fatigue to depression. The main reason for this reaction is low estrogen levels that occur as a side-effect of taking the pill.  Dr. Hall has been observing the correlation of the pill and depression for many years. The primary function of estrogen is to emulate feminine characteristics such as the development of secondary sexual organs, controlling body fat, reducing muscle bulk, and the like.

But here’s something else…

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