How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress?

Hi everybody, do you have a website or blog at WordPress? Do you want to get them listed high on search engine rankings. Then you will have to add proper keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress. This will improve the search engine optimization standard of your website. In this article we will tell you how to add
keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress?

Why add meta descriptions and keywords to your website?
Meta descriptions and keywords enable you to inform search engines about the content of your web pages and blog posts. Keywords are essential words or phrases that people search to find the content of their choice. Meta description is a brief description of what your page or post is concerned with. Meta descriptions and keywords are tags of HTML and they go in the header of your website of blog. SEO plugins of WordPress make it easy for you to add them to the administration area of your WordPress web page. You may ask how essential are meta keywords and descriptions essential for SEO? Search engines do not exactly tell how much importance they assign to keywords and meta descriptions. However it is quite obvious that they are a must and will help you to achieve high rankings of search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Some experts of search engine optimization believe that keywords are not essential. Even Google has the opinion that it does not bother about meta keywords. However other SEO experts do not agree with this opinion and…

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