How To Draw A Person

Drawing is fun, whether you are an amateur or professional artist. Drawing a person is also fun but it is little trickier and need additional time than drawing a football. But there is no reason for the newbies to be upset. If you were finding some tips about ‘how to draw a person’ then you have come to the right place. So let’s have the fun of drawing and learn some techniques about ‘how to draw a person’.

1. The most important thing of drawing is very good observation. The better your observation, the higher the probability of your drawing getting better. Observe the persons around you very carefully. Watch for their proportions of human body while engaged in different actions. Watch for their length of arms, length of legs, width of back etc.

2. How to Draw a Person- Get your sketch pad and pencil (or other drawing tools) and start drawing. Yes, the most effective and easy way to draw a person (in fact to draw anything) is just ‘draw and draw’ as you like. But surely a person does not have four legs. So keep some things in mind- the proportions of person’s body, head to chin distance, position of arms and fingertips, etc. You can draw your mom at work, your girlfriend sitting on the couch etc.

3. Start your drawing with the head (most of the artists do this) then draw the lower portion of the parson’s body. Make the facial features clear. Try to give some kind of expression on the face. You can ask your model to give one to make your drawing easy. Maintain proper proportions between head, neck and shoulders.

4. While drawing the rest of the body, keep this in mind that generally a human body is seven heads tall. While drawing the hands you can watch for your own hands. Position the parson’s hands according to desired action. While standing a person’ hand should reach his/her thighs. Draw the legs carefully. Notice that upper leg is longer than lower leg and have greater volume.

5. Draw the dresses of the person.

6. Good luck for your drawing, if you are looking for more information on drawing people, many people find this link helpful but you can be the judge of that!

These are some essential guidelines about ‘How to draw a person’. To draw perfectly you will need a lot of practice, it takes time to complete master any subject. You can also attend some drawing classes on ‘How to draw a person’ or buy some books containing illustrations of different persons.

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