How To Draw People

You love to draw, right? If you want to draw people realistically and are finding some tips regarding ‘how to draw people’ then you have come to the right place. According to artists, people are one of the most difficult subjects to draw. To draw people perfectly you will need large amount of practices, additional time, sensitivity and good hands-eye coordination. But don’t be afraid! Of course there are some tips, guidelines, techniques (whatever you say!) about ‘how to draw people’ which will make your drawing task easier. Now let’s learn some techniques about ‘how to draw people’ and have some fun.

1. To draw a people realistically which need first is very good observation. Examine the people around you and watch for their proportions of the body during different kinds of activities. While sitting at park observe the people around you and examine the positions of arms, legs etc. during their different activities.

2. How to Draw People- grab your sketchbook and pencil (or other drawing tools) and start drawing. You can draw your girlfriend/boyfriend sitting on the bench at the park or your dad at work. Start from the head first and then draw the lower body. Try to maintain this pattern of drawing activities – head, attaching the head with the body, the upper body, the lower body, hands.

3. While drawing the head always start with a circle. Draw the facial features clearly. Remember head is the most important part of your drawing. Then attach the head with the upper body proportionately. Remember that normally human body is seven heads tall and draw accordingly.

4. While drawing the lower body keep this in mind that upper leg has more volume than lower leg and upper leg is longer than lower leg. You can have some tough times while drawing the hands.

They require lot of practices and time to draw perfectly.

5. Add additional clothing to give the drawing more lifelike qualities and round out the drawing as a whole.

If you want to improve your drawing then draw from life. These means draw the people while you are actually looking at him/her. At the beginning it is very tough to draw from memories. Follow these techniques on ‘how to draw people’ carefully and practice a lot. Some real life drawing classes on ‘How to draw people’ will also help you to improve your drawing. You can also buy some books on illustrating people. Happy drawing!

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