How To Install Norton Antivirus On Macbook?

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Be it a MacBook user or Windows user, all are concerned about the security of their operating systems. Installing antivirus in Windows is quite easy, but when it comes to MacBook, the process differs in many ways. By not installing a high-performance antivirus in your MacBook might a risk of the system from auto installation of virus from unprotected websites. Also, if your system’s performance has slowed down, storage size has reduced by itself and properties of files and folders has changed, chances are, malware has hit down in your system. Install Norton setup for a high-speed performance as it takes necessary precautions against virus and slowing down of speed.

The Installation process of Norton Antivirus in MacBook is a bit different and complex task for most of the users and especially for the first time users. Norton Antivirus setup installation is easy to perform if you follow the steps manually. If you purchase Norton Antivirus online, you will be provided with registered ID and Password. Just follow these steps to take a step ahead to protect your system:
Steps to Install Norton Security
Step 1- Download the Norton Security Antivirus from official Norton site.
Step 2- Log in to your Norton account by visiting
Step 3- Choose the option of Install on this device.
Step 4- Read the terms and conditions proceed by marking ‘check’ on Agree & Download. It will download the Norton file and save the Norton setup installer in the Downloads folder.
Step 5- Open the download folder, look for the Norton installer/ setup and then proceed to the installation process.
Step 6- As the installation begins, the antivirus software will pop-up instructions on your window. Read the instruction and click ‘Next’ and ‘OK’ to all.
Step 7- Once the installation is done successfully; click ‘Continue’ for the Live Update and it will complete the installation.
Step 8- Restart your computer after performing all the above steps. This step will target the antivirus to get in effect soon.
In case you are facing trouble while Norton Setup installation process, secure your system protection by getting assistance from Norton Setup support. Make sure to check for all latest updates every once in a while including newer version and the subscriptions plan.
With a single Norton Security subscription, you can ensure the protection of your Macs, PCs, Androids and iOS devices. If you have a premium version of Norton Security, it will offer the following best security features to your MacBook and other devices:
• The cutting-edge technology used in the antivirus commands to display a warning status against risky web pages or Android apps before you browse or download them.
• Shows warnings against social media scams and suspected contents
• Block downloads which are detected to be infected and dangerous for the operating system of your MacBook.
• Cleans up hard drive to boost systems performance and free up space

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