How to Use the GBC VeloBind V50 Punch

VeloBind is one of the most popular binding methods since it provides a secure binding that’s ideal for a variety of documents. There are plenty of VeloBind devices on the market and one of the most popular is the GBC VeloBind V50, a punch that can help you bind your documents. Just follow these instructions to use this device:


  • Proofread your document and print it on some high-quality paper. You will probably need to divide your document into smaller sections since the V50 can punch a maximum of 20 sheets at at a time.


  • Place some paper in the V50’s punching throat and press down on the lever with both hands. Remove the paper and punch the remaining pages of your document.


  • Now you will need to choose covers for your work as well as a VeloBind strip set. You will need to use 11″ strips that have four pins. It’s a good idea to color coordinate the strip set with your covers. This will give your document a more professional look.


  • Place your document on the edge of your table or desk. The holes need to be facing the floor. Slide the strip’s pins through the holes in your document. Then place the document on your work surface with the pins facing up. Place the slotted strip on your book. Make sure that the pins go through the holes in the strip.


  • Hold the strip in your non-dominant hand and snap the pins into place. Repeat the process for any other documents you have.


  • Make sure you empty the V50’s chip tray on a regular basis. Doing so will keep the punching dies in good shape so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of your device. Just make sure you hold the V50 over a garbage bin when emptying the chip tray. This will help you avoid making a mess.


  • Finally, you may find that you need to edit your work after it’s been bound. You can edit your work by using the VeloBind debinder tool or just a regular ballpoint pen. Use the tool or pen the snap the pins into the upright position and then add or delete pages as necessary. Snap the pins back into place when you’re done.



It’s important to note that the V50 will only work with the 11″ strips that have four pins. You will not be able to use other VeloBind supplies with this device, so make sure you have the right implements on-hand ahead of time. That way, you won’t waste time hunting down supplies.


As you can see, using the GBC VeloBind V50 is pretty easy and it’s a nice alternative to using a heavy-duty machine. You should bind a few practice documents to get the hang of using this punch and the necessary supplies. That way, you’ll be able to produce professional-looking documents when the time comes. Good luck!


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