Latest Trends in Women dressing in Pakistan

The trend in Pakistan related to clothing has taken a turn for the better. Women from Pakistan are now choosing to incline more towards the designer and brand names, unlike in previous years where the look was what counted most. Choosing designers and brand names has a benefit to it because of the added comfort and consistent quality they can trust, something which is just not possible with traditional tailors.

The Long Kameez

After a few years of the shorter kameez, Pakistani women are flocking to get their hands on the long kameez which certainly is unprecedented in beauty. Without the boldness of having tighter fitting clothing, the long kameez is subtle, elegant and beautiful at the same time. It is matched with a tight pajama or trouser underneath as the kameez falls down below the knee and has a low front cut from one side downward.

This trend comes in various styles and designs now. With animal skin prints along with dynamic designs that boggle the mind, the possibilities to designing a long kameez are endless and seems like it will continue staying strong through this year as well.

Additionally, embroidery has become an attractive aspect of newer styles. Leaving behind the plain, old solid colors, women are choosing those long kameez’s with unique and beautifying embroidery. Made from silk, beads and pearls, the variety that has become available now is definitely unprecedented. 


Incorporating jeans into their dressing has always been a difficult task for Pakistani women due to the overall acceptance of the traditional shalwar kameez. With the long kameez’s in the market, wearing jeans as an alternate to the trousers or pajamas adds that much needed comfort while enhancing their overall look.


With the weather in Pakistan being extremely hot or cold with barely any room in the middle, designers have to choose their material carefully. Lawn and khaddar are the most popular materials when it comes to clothing for women and continue to be because of them being comfortable to wear in any weather.


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