Make Learning Fun And Easy For Your Kid With The Best Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

Most of us cannot even remember the time when we did not know our letters, so it sounds almost absurd to worry about how to teach it to our children. However, the ABCs are the building blocks of a language. In order to become literate, our children must be able to recognize each letter, both in order and out of order, as well as the sounds connected with that letter. Once armed with that knowledge, a child is well on the road to reading and literacy.

Learning the alphabet is one milestone that we tend to mark as an indication of a child’s successful entry into the world of reading. A child who can name all the letters of the alphabet by the end of kindergarten will be equipped with an important foundation stepping stone towards recognizing sounds and printed words. It is important, however, to understand that at this age, learning the letters is just one of many pre-reading skills that are important for a child to acquire.

Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be a chore for you or your child. When you make learning fun, it is easier for your child to learn quickly. Children learn best through play, so you should never try to ‘teach’ your child letters in any formal way. Include the alphabet in your child’s usual games and reading time and they will happily absorb this knowledge without any pressure. Once you start reading to your child, include the best baby & toddler alphabet books in your reading. Many alphabet books have themes…

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