Old Mona Lisa Copy Sparks New Mass Intrest

When you think about the work of Leonard da Vinci, you probably immediately think about the Mona Lisa, it is one of the most iconic paintings he has ever done, if not one of the most iconic paintings in the world. There is a copy of the Mona Lisa that has just recently begun to attract a large number of people because of some of the facts that were revealed about it. In the past, this copy hadn’t sparked much interest among many people; in fact most people probably couldn’t have even told you where you would find it.

Recently a copy of the Mona Lisa was placed at the Prado Museum in Madrid for the first time since its well-kept secret had been revealed in a restoration. Evidence that was found during the restoration has revealed that it is fairly certain that the painting was done by one of Leonard da Vinci’s apprentices at the time that he was working on the original Mona List. This means that the painting was done in the same place at the same time, and if done under the watchful eye of da Vinci, it only helps and to the unique value of the painting.

The exact author of the copy is not known at this time, but both the Louvre and the Prado Museum are under the impression that it is the earliest copy of “La Giaconda.” What is really funny is that the copy that is now on display and attracting a large amount of attention has actually been in Spain’s art collection for hundreds of years. Before the exact time and possible author of the painting were revealed it was considered to be a mediocre at best attempt at a copy of the Mona Lisa, but new evidence has people thinking otherwise.

As usual when something big happens in the art world, this like this spark people interest in teaching themselves to draw and pain. It great to know that even after hundreds of years, a simple copy of the work of one of the greatest master artists that lived can still spark the response that it does. One of the best things that this piece offers is that for hundreds of years it was nothing special, but a simple copy of the work of the masters may one day help a small person be recognized for the ability to draw and paint so well.

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