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New Year Astrological Forecast

By: newagephilosopher For India On April 13, 2008, at 1829 hrs, the year Sarvadhari begins. Virgo rises, with Jupiter in the 4th, Saturn retrograde in the 12th, Ketu in the 12th, Rahu in the 6th and Moon in the 11th. Constellation is Pushya indicating Saturnine influence. Problems after problems will afflict India. Economic slowdown is […]

Buddhism Heart On Your Sleeve Design Announces Several Product Discounts In Preparation For New Items

Scripture-themed, inspirational gift company Heart On Your Sleeve Design has announced several seasonal discounts on various products and product lines. The announcement regarding the product sale and the full range of products included in the sale are available on the gift company’s website, which is provided in the contact information below. The current sale […]

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