Psychic Gift – Is It Really a Gift or a Curse?

Psychic gift is considered rare ability and some envy those who have them and still some feel sorry for someone who has it.  People who got them considered them as gifts and still some considered them as curse especially when it was developed at a very young age.  Most children who developed the talent at a very young age were traumatized because of the things they see that no one in the family does.  They fear being different and most of times withdraw to their own world, they create their own where they could be accepted.
Not all people develop psychic gift early in life like some children.  Some are already at the prime of their age when they develop it.  There was a report once that all people have the ability to see things or be a psychic but not all can develop it and actually use it for a purpose.  There are different kinds of psychics.  Some can see paranormal, the future, the past, or maybe all.  Sometimes the very word “psychic” brings chills to the bones.
The abilities categorized by the psychic detectives are post cognition, psychometry, telepathy, and remote viewing.  Post cognition is a paranormal insight on the past and this can help the detective to determine the things that happened or circumstances that occurred in the case being investigated.  Psychometry is the ability to gather information from physical objects.  Telepathy is communication by mind or thoughts especially reading ones feelings and the things going on with the mind.  Remote viewing is achieved by looking for a certain impression usually paranormal in nature.  These detectives have psychic gifts that they use in solving the case and considered beneficial in their line of work.
The cases of psychic ability among children are rather hard to deal with and children who developed their gifts early in life have the tendency to withdraw in a different world.  They sometimes become moody and unsociable.  It can bring some trauma to children who can see paranormal things and those children that can see dangers ahead.  There was a reported case in Asia wherein a child can see the impending danger on a certain person especially when it can lead to the death of that person.  The child gave a warning to that neighbor and did not heed and at the end of the day he ended up dead and the people around her told her that she is a bringer of death.
Some factors that can make one feel that it is a curse if it brings nothing but trouble for that person but psychic gifts are considered rare gifts to some.  Situation whether it’s a gift or a curse solely depends on how a person can view psychic ability but in cases that deals with children it is rather hard to determine.  Dealing with children who got psychic ability should be handled with utmost care and under close supervision and guidance of a loved one (especially the mother) to ensure that they will have proper and normal growth as a person.

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