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UPDATE: This promotion ran in 2016 and is now over.

When I first envisioned Recreate Your Life Story—an eCourse that blends self-help and film—I knew I wanted to create a program that would be both creative and life changing.

I’ve always had a passion for movies, so I was excited to design a course that uses protagonists from the silver screen as inspiration for change.

But the course isn’t just about changing your circumstances. The full title is Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero. And that’s a big part of the program—it helps you change how you interpret your past, which affects how you see yourself in the present, enabling you to create a fulfilling future.

When I reflected on my past, I realized the main thing that held me back was how I remembered and told my story. I felt like life had dealt me a bad hand, so I was angry, and also deeply ashamed of the choices I’d made when I was at my worst.

This combination of bitterness, self-victimization, and self-loathing paralyzed me. I couldn’t possibly do anything positive or fulfilling when I was dwelling on the past and seeing and myself, and my life, through a lens of dissatisfaction and judgment.

I needed to become the hero of my story instead of the victim. And that’s what this process helped me do.

The four course modules outline the steps that enabled me to let go of my shame, anger, and bitterness so I could leverage my past for something that was both personally…

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