Superstitions of Some Great Footballers

We all know about the famous saying that success is one percent hard work and ninety nine percent luck and some might even believe it to some extent but none like footballers. We all have some idea about how athletes in general can be creatures of habit but what these famous footballers do to ensure a win will leave people amused.
Pele: Pele is one of the most famous footballers in Brazilian football history. He has 767 goals, 26 national championships and 3 world cups in his record. However, you might be surprised to know that the football gave the credit of his goals to a lucky jersey.
Laurent Blanc: The Manchester United defender in the 1998 World Cup used to kiss the bald head of fellow team mate Fabien Barthez before each and every game for luck. Who knows maybe that is why France went on to lift the World Cup that year?
Bobby Moore: This England skipper had some unusual superstitions as well. The player used to wait till all his team mates were done changing and made sure that he was the last one to wear the shorts before the kick-off.
John Terry: John Terry, the famous Chelsea skipper, has confessed having a weird superstition that many of you might relate to. The player has confessed of urinating in the same locker room stall before every game. Not only this but he also has a specific seat and listens to the same CD before every match for concentration.
Johan Cruyff: Some players might not want to be on the receiving end of what is involved in the superstitions of this player. The Ajax player slaps the belly of the Gert Bals, the team goal keeper at the start of each match. He also made it a ritual of spitting his chewing gum on the opponent’s side and blamed the 1969 Euro Cup Final loss against Milan on the missing out of this ritual.
Hugo Sánches: This famous striker and Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo share the same superstition and refrain from scoring any goal in the training session before any match.
Ronaldo: One of the most popular international footballers of his time, the Portugal star not only refrained from scoring any goal in the training sessions of an important match but also stepped in the field with his right foot for good luck. In case, he failed to score in the first half of a match, he would change into a fresh jersey in the second half. This is not the end of his superstitions as the player used to redo his style and believed a change in the appearance resulted in better performance. His fans would definitely agree that these were quite effective.
Many of you might be amused by these superstition stories of famous footballers for various reasons. But what amuses me the most is that the power of these rituals and superstitions stayed intact even after the whole world got to know about them, which is quite contrary to popular beliefs regarding superstitions.

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