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Cigarette smoking is the process of inhaling and exhaling dried and blended tobacco leaves through a filter. It is a bad habit which causes many terminal diseases in humans. Many smokers have come to terms of this but quitting smoking has proved not that easy. You necessarily may not know the easiest ways to quit smoking but the tips below are commonly used.

Some easy tips to quit smoking are listed as follows:-

First tip which is also a help to quit smoking is “Cold Turkey”. Going to cold turkey means quit smoking without using any therapy and medicine.

Antidepressant medicine is also prescribed and/or administered to smokers by doctors who want to help them get stop smoking cigarettes. These antidepressant medicines helps to reduce depression and tensions by keeping the mind relaxed and cool.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy is also used as one of the easiest way to quit smoking as it still helps to deliver same nicotine in cigarettes but in smaller quantity. When you are trying to quit smoking you feel so tired, frustrated and restless at times. In this situation, nicotine replacement therapies can help during these feelings. Examples of nicotine replacement therapies are nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches which can double chances of quitting smoking.

You can quit smoking by changing your life style, routine, environment, relation, thinking, drink and diet.

Any one of the tips below may not be the best way but certainly they are the easiest ways to quit smoking.

• Make a list of why quitting is has not been so easy with reasons.
• Mention a quit date with your name and/or signature with a supportive witness.
• Write all those reasons why you want to quit smoking like for your family, for your love ones or for something else.
• Stop buying more smoking aids, drugs and packets of cigarette.
• Make a list of things to do when a craving hits like walk, drink a glass of water, kiss your partner or your child, play an interesting game or do some other interesting things.
• Stay away from all those things which can remind you of smoking such as cigarette, matches, ashtrays and lighters.
• Keep your mouth and hand busy.
• Put all your money daily which you are using to buy smoking aids you will see how much money you waist for smoke.
• Make a list of all the reasons for which you are affected by smoking.
• Be attentive when you smoke, why and with whom to recognize the triggers.
• Choose a “quit day” for quitting. Many of us are under stress in our daily routines but sometimes we are most stressful as in our normal routine.
• Make a list of positives things which you can do instead of smoking. This can help you to get rid of smoking with having positive results.
• Make a list of negatives strategies that attract you to smoking.
• Avoid those negatives strategies and reduce them to be yourself positive.
• Try to do exercise daily in fresh air at morning and keep relax your mind.

With all the tips above followed meticulously, you are closer to success that ever.

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