Want to Redecorate Your Office Or Home? Try Lakdi – The Furniture Co.

From traditional spaces to quirky offices to sophisticated homes to welcoming playrooms, Lakdi specializes in creating one-of-a-kind readymade and customized designs that are phenomenal and ready to use. A Delhi-based furniture manufacturers and interior designing firm, they ensure that everything they design is affordable, space-saving and multi-purpose.

From residential homes to hotels and restaurants to educational institutions, hospitals, airports, railway stations, their mission is to create amazing designs that are both functional and aesthetic. They combine the latest trends in decor with the client’s vision, putting together concepts that are unique and eye-catching.

Founded less than 30 months ago, the company features an incredible worldwide network of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, vendors and skilled engineers, making them one of the best interior design firms in Delhi. Their extensive portfolio showcases their varied expertise, love for a simple aesthetic and passion for creating beautiful spaces for personal and professional use. We recommend checking out some of the work they’ve done for educational and medical institutions.

One of the reasons that Lakdi is so popular is their dedication to their customers and their willingness to provide the most competitive prices within their client’s budget range. By importing in bulk and sustaining long-term relationships with their vendors, Lakdi manages to stay within the client’s budget…

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