What Does Your Lip Colour Say About Your Body?

Kissing is the second best thing you can do with your lips. The first is using it as an indicator to understand your overall health. No, I’m not crazy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your lip colour can tell you what’s going on inside your body. You can learn about the condition of your blood, your temperature and even your organs. Bet you only noticed a lip colour when a lush-lipped model sported a Mac, huh? Well, here’s what your lip colour says about your health –

1. Red Lips –

While you may make all the girls jealous with your rosy lips, this is actually an indication that your body is overheated. This condition will be accompanied by a constant craving for food and bad breath. Your body gets overheated when your liver is dysfunctional. Take immediate measures to cleanse your liver. You can consume celery, honey dandelion tea, and bitter melon to help the cleansing process. Your lips may also be red if you have an allergy to certain foods.

2. Pale, White Or Grey Lips –

No, don’t cover them with red lipstick! Pale lips indicate anaemia which is a cause of low haemoglobin or red blood cells. Consume foods that are rich in iron to cure this condition. The richest sources of iron are dry fruits and spinach which will boost your haemoglobin levels.

3. Dark Red To Black Lips –

This indicates that your digestive system needs detoxification immediately and needs to be rid of disturbing food agents. Try to practise an alkaline diet. You…

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