Why Do You Need a Strategic Planning Facilitator?

Have you ever been distracted in a long meeting? Have you had discussions that lasted for hours without any conclusion? Do you wish your business meetings would be more focused? If the answer to any of these question is “yes,” then it is time for you to change your company’s approach towards business meetings.

Facilitating focused and powerful meetings that have a strong outcome is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations these days. Often during meetings, the core topic goes haywire, employees lose track of the agenda, and after hours of discussion the final decision is still unclear. This is usually the case when the leader of the meeting is not strong enough to get everyone’s view point and still stay on the core matter. It results in unproductive hours that the employees spend in the meeting, as well as monetary loss with all the time wasted.

As for productive meetings, thoughts and discussions are focused on the objective. Members give creative solutions that lead to tangible outcomes.Theseideal meetings could be a reality foryour brand if you hire a strategic planning facilitator.

Equipped with specialized facilitator training, this professional ensures that your meeting process goes as per your objective. How exactly does he do it? He is capable of commanding everyone’s attention and guides their thinking to face challenges posed. This official is trained to be a keen observer, helping him to understand the underlying meaning of each point of view expressed.

Using various tools like Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats, lateral thinking, perception and others, he tries his best to infuse a creative mindset in the meeting. He sets the tone for unique thoughts and pushes people to think outside the box. However, at the same time he ensures that everyone is heard and that creative ideas are not taking away attention from the actual challenge. Additionally, he can himself provide his professional, third partyopinion on topics to help provide fresh new insights.

Having external help is especially useful when you need quick and powerful solutions. These professionals can help you with bothenhancing your productivity and staying on track within time constraints. In fact, you may even get them on board when you have already spent a lot of time going over the same ideas and hit a stagnant phase.

Get these external ideas on board at your discussions and see how it changes the ways you carry out meetings.

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